The screener endpoint allows to filter companies based on our desired metric e.g. returnOnEquity based on the speficied operator: ("lt", "gt", "gte", "lte", "eq").

Example: filter all companies with returnOnEquity > 12 and returnOnEquity < 24:
"query": [
{"metric": "returnOnEquity", "operator": "gt", "value": 12},
{"metric": "returnOnEquity", "operator": "lt", "value": 24}

Important: If you want to sort the results, you have to specify the sort argument. The order is not guarantied if
you don't specify the sort argument e.g.
"metric": "symbol",
"order": "desc",

where order is desc for descending or asc for acending. You can not only sort numbers but also strings.

You can find there a full list of supported metrics:

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