You can access any endpoint via websockets if you have subscriped to the premium or enterprise package.

Websockets support bidirectional communication and reduce latency and are recommended for realtime data.

Getting Started

The format of the websocket request is the following:

json = {
  "action": <action>,
  "symbol": <symbol>,

and the data is the same as the body parameter that you will send to the REST-API.

The work similar to the REST-API:

  1. First connect to wss:// and use the header {"x-api-key": "<API KEY>" }
  2. Send the json to the socket
  3. Response is the same as REST-API response

CLI command:
wscat -c "wss://" -H "x-api-key: <API KEY>"


You can pull the data or subscribe to realtime updates.

Pull data

Data that is not time-sensitive, such as security profiles or financial details, can be retrieved directly through the WebSocket connection. All actions described in the Actions category are for non realtime usage.

Realtime data

To obtain real-time data, you must subscribe to the specific security you are interested in. Read more at:

  1. Forex Realtime Data
  2. Quote Realtime Data

You can use AWS Kinesis to access realtime data with lower latency then websockets.