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Explore the most recent Bavest API documentation. Delve into our comprehensive reference documents to gain valuable insights, adopt best practices and ensure optimal utilization of the Bavest API.
Our comprehensive API offers access to a wide range of real-time financial data & news, alternative data like sentiment data or climate data and offers powerful analytics based on AI.

With a wide range from data solutions, ESG-climate solutions to quantitative analytics, you can find every endpoint from the Bavest API here in the documentation with the latest updates and code snippets for efficient development.


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Real-Time QuoteThis endpoint provides real-time and historical data for a financial asset, such as a stock or ETFs.
StocksGet stock metrics, financials, fundamental data, earnings call transcripts and many more datapoints for over 70.000 stocks globally
Portfolio statsAnalyse your portfolio with quantitative methods and analyze risks.
SentimentSentiment analysis based on our own AI.
Stock newsGet the latest market news.
ScreenerUse the AI-based screening tool to screen the capital markets on given KPIs and metrics.
ForexGet real-time forex data.
ESG & Climate SolutionsOur infrastructure provides you with ESG and climate data as well as other data such as PAI indicators. Measure the relationship between your investments and sustainability. Rely on clear data and facts to bridge the gap between finance and sustainability.

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